Augmented reality games for Android

There are various smartphones which run on the Android operating system and are considered serious contenders to the iPhone. These phones contain a wide range of features and like the iphone, have a wide range of mobile apps which include augmented reality games.

Augmented reality games are seen as the future for Android phones although this could be applied to any type of smartphone. All these phones need to run these apps are a camera, software, compass and GPRS which are considered standard features on smartphones.

There is a variety of augmented reality games for Android phones which include:

  • Wikitude World Browser: this app is based upon QR codes and location based Wikipedia. It provides information about areas of interest.
  • Weather Reality: your own personal weather forecast. This app enables you to check the current weather forecast and even share this others.
  • Tagwhat: tags are keywords (e.g. tag clouds) or information used to identify an online object. This app is based upon these tags by means of allowing people to tag and share information about objects within an augmented reality environment.
  • Fast Food Reality: an app which helps you to locate fast food restaurants etc.
  • Car Finder AR: a useful app for anyone who finds it difficult to remember where they left their car.
  • FriendsRadar: a social media type of app which enables you to track your friends and share information with them (assuming they have given you prior permission to do so!).
  • Parallel Kingdom: a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) with a fantasy theme. It is also cross platform which means that you can play against people using a different operating system.
  • Sky Siege: an airborne game where your phone changes to a flak tower which you have to defend against hostile fire.
  • Kaleidocam: an app which turns your camera into a kaleidoscope.
  • AR Shooting: an augmented reality version of a shooting range where you can practice your firearm skills using a variety of weapons.

These are a few of the many augmented reality apps for Android phones.

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