Augmented reality games for the iPad

The iPad may be a relatively new form of technology but is seen as the latest and coolest of the ‘must have’ devices. The iPad has been followed by the release of iPad 2 which has attracted a new following of devotees.

There are various games available for people who enjoy using their iPad for this very purpose. Does this include augmented reality games? The answer to that is ‘yes’ as there are several augmented reality games which are as follows:

  • AR Missile: an app which turns your device into a lethal weapon that shoots airborne missiles.
  • Star Wars Falcon Gunner: a game based on the popular Star Wars series where you get the chance to defend the Millennium Falcon.
  • AR Drone: an augmented reality quadricopter game.
  • Traveller AR: a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) which is based upon deep space travel.
  • String Augmented Reality Showcase: a variety of augmented reality apps which feature videos, graphics, animation etc.

It is worth visiting the iTunes store to browse their range of augmented reality games.

How is this possible? The iPad 2 features two tiny cameras (front and back) plus real time video streaming and 3D graphics which are superimposed onto a real world object. The iPad is held up in front of the user which enables them to see a variety of 3D computer generated images.

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