Augmented reality games for the Mac

This article looks at augmented reality games for the Mac. We know that there are augmented reality apps (short for ‘applications’) for the iPhone which have proven to be very popular. But does this extend to include augmented reality games?

There are augmented reality games which are designed for both the PC and Mac plus games which are PC only or Mac only. Many games are designed for the iPad or iPhone – both of which are discussed in individual articles within this guide.

If you are a PC owner then visit our augmented reality games for the PC article.

There is an augmented reality hologram which advertises Smart Grid (green technologies) by means of a virtual landscape complete with wind turbines. You print out a copy of the solar panel card which acts as an augmented reality marker and hold that up in front of your monitor screen. Your built in webcam will identify the 3D images and display these via the webcam pop up window.

This is an example of the technology rather than a game although it is an easy way of exploring augmented reality.

Demos appear to be a popular use of this technology as seen on the Toyota website which has used this to demonstrate their iQ car (which looks similar to a SMART car). It also includes an augmented reality (AR) card plus webcam which allows you to see a 3D car on top of this card. Plus there is the option to explore various aspects of the car by rotating it in front of the computer screen.

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