Augmented reality games for the PS3

The PlayStation 3 or PS3 for short is a very popular games console alongside the Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. It is the latest stage of development in the PlayStation series and features 3D games, Blue-Ray disc films and access to the PlayStation network.

There are numerous games for this console which are grouped according to genre, e.g. first person shooter, strategy etc. Plus simulation games such as The Sims and Flow.

But if you are looking for augmented reality games then have a look at the PlayStation Move.

The PlayStation Move is a motion sensing form of technology similar to the Nintendo Wii which consists of the console, motion controller and a webcam. All of this works together as a tracking system which records your every move and translates this into the game.

There are various games available for PlayStation Move which also includes augmented reality games. Examples of these include: EyePet, Heroes and KillZone 3.

The combination of the motion controller and the Eye camera enables you to see yourself holding an object, e.g. virtual sword or to interact with a 3D character from a game but within the real world, e.g. the living room inside your house.

The PlayStation Move appears to be the likely choice for anyone who wants to play augmented reality games on a Sony console.

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