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Google’s much heralded Daydream VR platform hit the ground running with the Daydream View, With such a reasonable asking price and growing number of compatible phones, Google may well have another winner on their hands.

  • Included Motion Controller
  • Very Comfortable
  • Limited number of compatible smartphones (Though this is growing)

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Google is one of those companies that can start tech revolutions by accident. The Google Cardboard was one of their “20 percent” side-projects, but it basically kickstarted the whole mobile case HMD market.

Now that Cardboard has proven so popular, Google has decided to the mobile VR scene a proper amount of attention. That’s where the Daydream VR comes into play. This is what you get when Google looks at the competition like the Samsung GEAR VR and decided it can do things differently.

Daydream is not quite an open standard in the same way that Cardboard is. For a phone to be compatible with it, it needs to conform to a certain set of standards when it comes to pixel density, response time and latency, among other specifications.

Predictably, Google’s own Pixel handsets were the first to be compatible and they set the minimum standards. However, the number of 3rd-party handsets has already begun to grow and if Daydream takes off we’ll probably see more models added.

If we look at the HMD itself, there’s a lot that immediately sets it apart. The whole thing is soft and pliable. Rather than hard plastics, it’s all a hand-washable material.

By all accounts this is a very comfortable system to wear. You’ll notice that there is no adjustment for the optics, but since each phone that works with daydream is designed for the focal length of the system that’s by design.

Although the IPD cannot be changed, users report the lenses themselves accommodate for this. The daydream has also been specifically designed to be worn over glasses, so vision adjustment is not needed on the part of the HMD.

Daydream is far more than just an HMD. Google have built a controlled ecosystem for the device. There are several launch apps and games that work only with Daydream, promising the  best quality mobile VR experience possible. A standalone version was recently announced at Google IO, with inside out motion tracking known as Worldsense included.

Daydream also comes with a required controller wand. It’s all very elegant and well thought out. At a reasonable asking price and with an ever-growing list of supported phones, Google may well have another winner on their hands.


Display Phone Dependent
Panel size Phone Dependent
Resolution Phone Dependent
Refresh rate Phone Dependent
Field of view 90º
Sensors Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Headtracking.
Connections Phone Dependent
Audio Phone Dependent


Sound quality5

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Google Daydream View
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