Surgery simulation

Surgery simulation is another branch of medicine where virtual reality is used to great effect. This technology is used to train surgeons in a range of surgical procedures, e.g. knee arthroscopy but without any risks. The trainee surgeon can be taught new and potentially dangerous techniques in an environment where they are able to make … Continue reading Surgery simulation

Virtual reality therapies

Virtual reality is used to treat phobias and other psychological conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It can be used alongside traditional therapies or on its own and has helped thousands of people to overcome their fear or an addiction. What do we mean by virtual reality therapies? This refers to a range … Continue reading Virtual reality therapies

Virtual reality in medicine

Virtual reality is used in both the medical and dentistry fields where it has several advantages over conventional systems. The dental applications of this technology are discussed in more detail in our virtual reality in dentistry article. But what about medicine you ask yourself? We know virtual reality is used in surgery, especially the field … Continue reading Virtual reality in medicine