Here’s What We Know About PSVR On PS5

As I write this, people are already unpacking their PS5 consoles, loading up their new games and presumably having a blast. For PSVR users, however, things might not be going as smoothly.

If you’re a current PSVR user who is looking at getting a PS5 or are a PS5 owner considering the purchase of a PSVR system, there are some things you need to know.

All the information about PSVR on PS5 has yet to be revealed, but based on what Sony has said so far and based on what new PS5 owners are saying online; there’s already quite a lot of useful information.

Just keep in mind that much of what’s said below may have changed by the time you read this.

When is PSVR2 Coming?

We’ve speculated about this before, but in s Washington Post internet PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan ruled out a new PSVR system for at least two years. That means we’re looking at a 2023 release if any is coming at all.

PSVR has been a fair success for Sony, so there is no reason to particularly doubt that one will eventually come. Especially with the amazing haptic technology that Sony has developed for the DualSense controller.

What does this information mean for you? It means that you can safely buy PSVR now because it will be years before a new version comes out. That is unless Sony goes back on what it has said.

Are There New PSVR Games Coming?

Yes. The PS4 is still going to be around for a while and has an absolutely massive install base. Most, if not all, existing PSVR games should be backwards compatible with the PS5 as well. Sony has mandated that all developers must ensure backwards compatibility in any PS4 titles that release in the future.

What all current and prospective PSVR users have to know about PS5 is that there are no native PS5 PSVR games. PSVR on PS5 is a backwards-compatible solution, and all PSVR games will be native PS4 games. Presumably PS5 VR games will be specifically for the PSVR 2.

It makes perfect sense for games to be split this way since we expect a modern redesign of the PSVR2’s motion controllers and games designed to also work on the legacy hardware.

This does bring up another potential problem to be aware of. If you want to use PSVR in games that offer a PSVR feature, it has to be the PS4 version of the game. Many games will be getting PS5 upgraded versions that don’t run via backwards compatibility.

All PSVR features will be stripped from them. We aren’t yet sure if you can force the download of the PS4 version of a game if a PS5 version exists. However, this should not be a problem for games played from a disc.

Will PS5 Improve The PSVR Experience?

The jury is still out on the exact details of how PSVR games improve, although people will be putting their experiences out there soon. We can, however, comment on how the PS5 improves non-PSVR games.

There have been several in-depth tests of PS4 games on the PS5. The one we’d recommend to everyone is the brilliant investigation done by the folks over at Digital Foundry.

The results are very encouraging. The short version is that, if a game allows it, you’ll get higher resolutions, better frame rates and stable performance.

What we don’t know is to what extent PSVR games have been designed with variable refresh rates or support for unlocked frame rates. The only thing we can say with confidence is that we expect PSVR games on the PS5 to run at the highest resolution and frame rate that the title supports.

We also expect any performance dips that exist on PS4 for those titles will be ironed out. Even if the game does not exceed, it’s other metrics.

Hopefully, developers will patch their PSVR games to better take advantage of the PS5’s horsepower via backwards compatibility. However, there’s no guarantee that all PSVR games will see a significant improvement.

What Do I Need For PSVR on PS5?

If you currently have a complete PSVR setup that’s working with your PS4 system, then you pretty much have everything you need to use PSVR on your PS5. Except for one critical component – the camera adapter!

You see, although the PS5 has its own official camera accessory, it won’t work for PSVR. But, the PS4 camera uses a proprietary connector, which the PS5 doesn’t have, which is why Sony has decided to provide a free camera adapter to every owner of a PSVR. All you have to do is visit this page and submit an application for one.

If you aren’t a PSVR owner and are getting a PS5, you need the following:

  • A PSVR headset.
  • A PS4 camera with the PS5 adapter.
  • Playstation Move Controllers.

Sony sells the PSVR in kits that include all of these components save for the camera adapter. You may also be able to find them separately. There’s no indication if new PSVR kits that will be sold over the following years will include the PS5 adapter by default, but I like to think Sony will start bundling them with new PSVR kits soon.

PSVR is Not Dead

Despite the fact that Sony has put off bringing a new PSVR system to market for a few years, PSVR is not going anywhere. There are more than 100 million PS4s in the wild, and at the start of 2020, over five million PSVR units have been sold in total.

PS5 is extending the lifespan and relevance of that 5 million strong install base, giving developers plenty of reasons to keep making games for this niche. It also provides a reason for consumers to keep buying PSVR hardware since they don’t have to leave it behind with their old PS4.

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