Interesting Titles for PSVR Revealed at E3

Editorial credit: Irina Klyuchnikova /
Editorial credit: Irina Klyuchnikova /

The PSVR might not have sold more than a fraction of the units that the PS4 it goes with has, but there are still a lot of these console VR headsets out in the wild. People must be buying the games too, because AAA and indie titles keep coming out for the platform.

Exclusive games such as Resident Evil 7 VR only help the status of the PSVR and to top it all off, it’s by far the cheapest premium VR experience you can buy. Especially if you already have a PS4 anyway.

Unlike the ill-fated PS Vita (I still love mine!) Sony hasn’t left the PSVR in the lurch just yet. At this year’s E3 expo quite a few interesting titles were announced, giving PSVR owners something to look forward to.Here are those titles.

Déraciné – FromSoftware

Video Credit: Sony/FromSoftware

FromSoftware has been around for ages, developing games for consoles like the PS1 where I still remember playing King’s Field. While the studio has always been respected, it became a hot number with the release of Dark Souls. This game launched an entirely new genre of incredibly hard, unforgiving action RPGs known as “soulslike” games. Many have tried to copy the formula, but the three Dark Souls games and spiritual sibling Bloodbourne are still at the top.

Given their pedigree and the type of games they are known for, it was a real surprise to see the studio announce a PSVR game. Déraciné is a “story adventure” where you play as a spirit who must prove it exists to a young girl living in a secluded boarding school. While it looks like the company is tapping into its expertise when it comes to the dark and gothic, this won’t scratch the same type of itch its previous games did. Can’t wait to give it a try though.

Trover Saves the Universe

Video Credit: Sony/Squanch Games

I love Rick and Morty. Right now there’s a Rick Sanchez figure staring drunkenly at me as I write this. I’m a fan, I admit it. Yet I am still puzzled by the show’s star Justin Roiland and his repeated weird forays into VR. We’ve already had the rather hit-and-miss Virtual Rick-ality on PC, but now there’s the PSVR game Trover Saves the Universe.

It’s published by Squanch Games which is a name that makes sense if you’ve ever watched the show.

Trover seems to be related to the R&M multiverse somehow, but maybe not? The trailer suggests it’s some sort of platformer? Who knows.

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

Video Credit: Sony/Bethesda

The first Wolfenstein 3D game soaked up many hours of my life as I knifed and shot an endless stream of pixelated Nazis. The game has been remade a few times over the years, but the latest incarnations have proven pretty popular. Now the PSVR will be getting its own Wolfenstein title in the for of Cyberpilot. If you’ve played any of the new games you’ll know that the Nazis didn’t exactly lose the war and now command all manner of advanced technologies. These include scary and deadly robots, which form the core of this game. You are a cyberpilot. A hacker who can take over Nazi robots and turn them against their makers. That sounds like a lot of fun and there’s plenty of potential in this title.

Persona 3 and 5 Dancing Games

Video Credit: Atlus

The Persona series of Japanese role playing games are a spinoff of the Shin Megami Tensei games. Persona is a more mainstream (relatively) series of games that focus just as much on their teenage protagonist’s daily school dramas as it does on dungeon crawling.

These games are well beloved and while I have to shamefully admit that I still haven’t finished my Vita copy of Persona 4 Golden, I do have a soft spot for virtually the entire series.

What I don’t always quite get is the spinoff Persona Dancing games. Yet they are incredibly popular among fans. Apparently the confluence of trendy Japanese teens, dancing and VR is just too good to pass up. So much so that both numbers three and five are getting PSVR support. 

The List Grows Longer

With the PS5 on the horizon and a growing list of PSVR games, things aren’t looking too bad for current and future owners of the PSVR. If you already have a PS4 (and more than a 100 million do) then it’s making more and more sense to pick up Sony’s slick little HMD.

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