Meta Brings In 18+ Ratings for Horizon Worlds’ Mature Content

Meta is changing the content policy for Horizon Worlds as it brings in a new 18+ rating system. The move was recently announced in an email informing creators to apply the 18+ tag to any mature content.

Creators that don’t take action by updating their existing content over the next few months will see a default 18+ tag applied to their world, regardless of the nature of their material. The rating can be updated at any time and can be accessed in “Build” mode under the “World” tab. 

Horizon World creators will no doubt have several questions about the new content policies. In this guide, we’ll discuss what these changes mean to your world.

What Content Is Classed As ‘Mature’?

Any sexually suggestive content should be tagged 18+. This includes images of anyone in suggestive poses. 

Excessive violence and gory content that people could find disgusting or shocking will need to be classified for adults only. 

Any content referring to alcohol, cannabis use, tobacco, or any age-related activities such as gambling should also be marked as ‘mature’. 

What Content Is Prohibited?

The following content is not allowed in Horizons Worlds:

  • Sexually provocative and explicit content that includes nudity or depictions of sexual positions
  • Anything depicting or promoting illegal drug use
  • Content promoting dangerous or criminal activities
  • Intense, real-life violence
  • Content selling, trading, or buying regulated goods from the real world including weapons, tobacco, and alcohol

What Else Has Changed?

The updates to the content policy coincide with changes to Meta’s accounts. Previously, Facebook accounts were used in Quest; however, these have now been replaced with Meta accounts. 

A Meta account requires a user’s date of birth for age verification. In the past, Facebook had asked users to use their real name; however, this is not necessary for a Meta account.

Additionally, Horizon Worlds was previously only available to adults. User’s Facebook accounts were used to verify age and restrict access to under 18s. Now. Quest users can be 13 years or older to access Horizon Worlds. 

Other new changes in Meta’s features see parents having enhanced supervision of teenagers using Quest. 

Why Has Meta Made These Changes?

Horizon Worlds lets users create their own virtual environments using Meta’s tools. There could be seemingly endless opportunities for digital experiences. But as with anything user-generated, regulation becomes a greater challenge.

The lines are a bit hazy in Meta’s new updated mature content policy. For instance, what is acceptable in terms of sexual suggestivity? Is promotion of cannabis use prohibited, despite being legal in several US states?

To Meta, regulation is essential to their success in the metaverse. Previously, the company has made changes after complaints of sexual harrasment within Horizon. These new updates are aimed at making sure their metaverse is safe and welcoming for everyone.

With so much at stake in Meta’s race to build their metaverse, the tech giants can no longer afford to live by Mark Zuckaberg’s often quoted motto  “move fast and break things”, they have to get it right.

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