No Man’s Sky Gets PSVR and PC VR As Part of Massive “Beyond” Update

IMAGE: Hello Games Press Images

No Man’s Sky is a game that people love to hate. A victim of an out-of-control hype train, Hello Games had a real problem on their hands when the game was released. The game that players actually got was actually pretty good, but compared to the game everyone thought they were getting, it was a huge disappointment. Turning this ambitious procedurally-generated space exploration survival game into the butt of many a joke.

Usually this would mean a studio licks its wounds and moves on to other projects, but in the intervening years Hello Games has worked tirelessly on expanding and refreshing No Man’s Sky to live up to the hype that was not entirely of their own making. There have been plenty of incremental patches, but this is the Big One. No Man’s Sky Beyond is essentially a new game, and for us one of the biggest features is the inclusion of VR support on both PC and Console.

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Hello says that VR support has been their most requested feature and it makes perfect sense. Much of the game is cockpit-based, and we already know how much better spaceflight games like Elite Dangerous are using VR. Giving you a true sense of scale and exploration. At the same time, this game provides an open world, on-foot exploration experience like no other. Alien worlds that are generated using algorithms and alien creatures that are unique for the same reason.

This VR update allows for seamless switching between VR and regular play. PSVR support is also a pretty big deal and if you already own a PSVR unit, this game is well worth adding to the small but excellent PSVR library.

The rest of the improvements are too numerous to list, but you can check out the patch list to see it all. Highlights include revamped character models, better graphics and much better multiplayer. Regardless of what has come before, No Man’s Sky is worth your attention again.

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