Oculus Issues Voluntary Quest 2 Recall Citing Problems With Facial Cushion

I’ve been having a blast with my Quest 2 and use it for about 1-2 hours a day. Yes, I’m a Beatsaber addict, I can admit that! You can check out our review of the Quest 2 for all my thoughts on the device, but one issue I did not encounter was skin irritation problems. Sadly, as it turns out, some people have had issues with the removable facial foam pad. Although it seems to affect only a small number of customers, it seems reports of skin irritation are serious for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue a recall.

Which Products Are Affected?

Only certain products are affected, here is the official list with the qualifying SKU numbers. If your product doesn’t appear on this list you don’t have to do anything further.

This also affects the standalone face plate, so when you go out and buy one make sure it’s not one of the above.

Do You Need to Send Your Quest In?

Since this is a voluntary recall you don’t have to participate.If you’ve been using your Quest without any issues involving the foam causing skin irritation, then you’re within your rights to ignore the recall.

However, despite this being labeled a “recall” you don’t actually have to part with your Quest. Instead, you need to get in touch with Oculus and ask them to send you a silicon cover for the foam.

Getting Your Replacement Cover

First, go to the recall page on the Oculus site and sign in if you aren’t already. 

Then click this button.

Now click this button.

All you have to do now is complete the order form and submit it to Oculus. Then they’ll send you the silicone face cover for free.

Should You Keep Using the Foam?

The CPSC recommends that anyone experiencing skin irritation from the foam should stop using it immediately, which implies that if you’re NOT experiencing issues you don’t have to stop using it. They do however recommend that all Quest 2 owners request the silicone cover.

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