Be the One Who Knocks with the Breaking Bad VR Experience

Who doesn’t love Breaking Bad? People who haven’t watched it, that’s who. The ground-breaking crime drama starring the dad from Malcolm in the Middle was a riveting, fresh ride that the public was happy to go on.

It’s been about four years since the dramatic finale of the show, but the hunger for more from this fictional universe has not abated. There’s already been a successful prequel/spinoff on the form of Better Call Saul and the official store is still doing business nearly half a decade after it all ended.

If Sony has it’s way, Breaking Bad will be coming back, but not in the format we all know and live it. This time we’ll get to live in the Breaking Bad universe with the power of VR on the Sony Playstation.

Say My Name

According to Variety, who broke the story, the genius behind the show himself is in talks with Sony to brings Breaking Bad to the PSVR in some form. Vince Gilligan and Sony want to make something that’s not a game, but some sort of “experience”.

Sony showcased VR technology to some of the most talented TV creators alive today, such as Ron D Moore of Battlestar Galactica fame. Although everybody was pretty impressed, it was Vince who decided he wanted to do something with the technology.

You’re Damn Right

Vince Gilligan is one of the best modern storytellers in visual media, so he’s certainly an excellent choice to make a relevant VR-based story that could be great in its own right, rather than a VR gimmick.

According to the variety article this is not going to be a live-action experience made with 360-degree video. Which is mostly a blessing given the immature technology and complete lack of interactivity possibilities. Instead it looks like it will be made with computer graphics, although it’s not clear whether this will be rendered by the PS4, pre-rendered or some sort of mixture.

Power to the People

The PSVR recently passed the 1 million unit mark, which means that one in 60 PS4 units has a PSVR to accompany it. That’s impressive given how long the PS4 has been on sale and establishes a solid user base for content. If you already own a PS4 adding a PSVR is also one of the most affordable ways to access PSVR, with a price in line with console and television costs.

Arguably PSVR is just one killer experience or game away from shifting many more units off the shelf, helping make VR a true mainstream product.

If Breaking Bad in VR ends up being that must-watch experience, VR may become more addictive than blue crystal meth.

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