Ridley Scott’s Company Launches VR Division

Image Credit: RSA (Used under Fair Use Rationale)
Image Credit: RSA (Used under Fair Use Rationale)

When you hear the name Ridley Scott, you immediately think of visually and technically complex films. The famous director counts cinematic classics such as Blade Runner and Alien among his achievements. Films that went on to create entire visual languages and forever changing the entire genre of cinematic science fiction.

Scott is certainly no stranger to pushing the technological envelope in his films. A reputation that he shares with peers such as James Cameron and George Lucas. It should be no surprise therefore that Scott’s company, RSA films, has committed to VR and launched a dedicated division which will be making virtual reality experiences and films going forward.

What’s in a Name?

Whatever creative resources Scott and Co. have thrown at their new VR division, none of it went into the name. Dubbed simply RSA VR, this new division is the result of a rumoured VR project back in 2015.

Scott’s statements back then showed that the director was really serious about VR technology and thought anyone with sense would be investing in it.

RSA VR will apparently focus exclusively on VR, AR and mixed reality technology.

Here Come the Tie-ins

Predictably RSA VR is drawing on the world of their parent company for initial VR ideas. The upcoming Alien Covenant film will be receiving a “VR experience” tie-in, which hopefully unlike the promising Alien Isolation VR mode actually gets a release.

Before the launch of RSA VR, RSA films contributed to another VR project named The Martian Experience related to Scott’s film of nearly the same name. RSA VR seems to be an extension of what RSA started with that project.

More than a Game

While The Martian Experience was somewhere between an interactive VR experience and a VR video game, this doesn’t mean the company will limit themselves to that formula. They are also reportedly working on an episodic VR series called Blackbox in collaboration with Endless VR. They have also announced another series  which is yet to be announced. This will be a documentary and is being directed by Michael Muller.

Making the Right Noises

VR has a lot of potential as a new medium for mainstream entertainment, but without support from heavy-hitting names and exceptional financial support, it risks remaining a niche form of media.

This move by Scott an RSA is certainly a very positive development and hopefully a sign that other members of the Hollywood elite will soon put their time and money into developing VR media further.

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