Sony Launching New Updated Version of PSVR

Editorial credit: Christian Bertrand /
Editorial credit: Christian Bertrand /

Sony are releasing an update to their PSVR headset, adding a couple of new features and a very slightly updated design, in the first update to Sony’s Virtual Reality offering since its release last year.

What’s Changed?

The changes are fairly small but serve to make the overall experience slightly less cumbersome. Sony have added integrated headphones, replacing the 3.5 mm inline connector, meaning one less wire trailing around, as the stereo headphones are integrated into the support on the back of the headrest whilst at the same time updating the design to reduce the overall profile of the unit.

The other change, which may be a little more technical is Sony enabling the ability to enable HDR support using the PSVR processor unit without having to unplug the PSVR headset first. HDR support was added last year, but the only way to get it to work was to plug in the PSVR processor unit without the headset itself being plugged in.

Other than that, the experience is mostly the same PSVR experience, with the same pricing and game support, making this more of an iterative update than a brand new PSVR system, which is a good thing for compatibility and a good way to avoid segmenting a market that still consists of just over a million players.

That said, the cabling is different for the new PSVR, and so if you wanted to plug the new processor unit into the old PSVR to use the HDR passthrough, that isn’t going to happen, so unless the PSVR’s niggles are particularly bothersome for you, it isn’t worth upgrading, and aren’t big enough changes to tempt you if the original PSVR didn’t win you over. The packaging of the new PSVR, model name CUH-ZVR2, will also be slightly updated to show the new changes

What is interesting about this is more what it doesn’t say. The fact there is a second iteration suggests that Sony are serious about keeping the PSVR in its current form for the long term. Currently there isn’t a release date and the announcement is limited to North America for now, but if there is further news, VRS will keep you updated.

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