Sony Patent Suggest Wireless PSVR is in the Works

Sony is still the only console maker to offer VR, making it the only place to get premium VR outside of using a PC. Sony has sold a bundle of these headsets, recently touting 4.2 million units in the hands of PS4 owners.

Given nearly 100 million PS4s have been sold, it’s not that much to boast about. However, the hardware is good. It’s the cheapest way to get into premium VR and there are some great titles available for the platform. Things can only get better from here.

PS5 Power

With rumours of the PS5 starting to really pick up steam, one has to wonder where Sony might go with their PSVR platform.

The console is obviously going to be much more powerful than even the PS4 Pro. We expect true 4K gaming, albeit at a rather pedestrian 30FPS. It also seems that the hardware necessary for VR might be built into the PS5.

The current PSVR comes with a breakout box that contains extra processing power. Sony did not design the PS4 with VR in mind, so it makes sense that it would need a helping hand. This time around there’s plenty that can be done to the core architecture that will make it cheaper and more versatile for both regular play and VR.

The various patents that have been files make for interesting reading. Last year it appeared that Sony might build hand tracking into the PS5, but this latest filing suggests wireless VR. Have a look at this diagram.


We still see a breakout box, but there is no longer a wire coming from the headset. This is of course entirely possible, since other companies such as HTC/Valve have already solved the technical challenge of wireless low-latency VR. What is up in the air is how Sony will do this in a way that will have a palatable price for console gamers. The wireless modules for headsets like the Vive ain’t cheap.

Only time will tell if Sony will pull this off or if it’s just wishful thinking for the next generation of console VR.

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