Superhot VR “Forever Update” Promises Even Wilder Action

Superhot VR “Forever Update” Promises Even Wilder Action

Unique first person action game Superhot VR will receive an update in February to add more challenges, ways of playing and even more difficulty.In an update posted to Oculus’ website, Oculus and the Superhot team announced new modes added to the main story. This included time trials, aiming challenges and faster enemies giving the player less reaction time, both in real time and movement time.Since its release on the Oculus Rift Experience Store, Superhot VR has managed to dazzle players with its incredibly visceral gameplay. The core gameplay mechanic, that time moves as you do, leads to some very Matrix-like moments where you feel like a hero as you dodge bullets, catch weapons out of the air and punch bright orange glass people so hard that they explode into shards. No other VR game really takes advantage of floor space in the same way; the amount of control you have over not only the physical but the temporal space of the game is unmatched in VR at present.

Mind is Software, VR is Challenging

Image Credit: Superhot, Oculus

Among the updates are time trial leaderboards that include both game time and real time, allowing the top spot to go to those with both the quickest reflexes and the most efficient strategies. Oculus mentioned a headshot challenge, although I personally have great hopes for a katana challenge like the one available in the standard version of Superhot.

Of particular interest is a 10 minute challenge, a do-or-die (a lot) sprint through all the levels of the game. According to the developers it took their best Superhot player two days to complete it, and given the standard play time of around two hours, it will provide a new extreme challenge to even seasoned Superhot players.

Superhot in both regular and VR mode is a superb game, although this update does not really reveal some of the major features clamoured for by fans, such as native HTC Vive support.

Excited by the new update? Still waiting for Superhot VR to hit other platforms? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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