The Oculus Quest Lineup Has Over 50 Confirmed Games


On the 21st of May, the Oculus Quest finally released to the public. It’s a standalone, gaming focused system priced at $399 or $499 depending on the storage capacity you opt for. That puts it in the same price range as a modern console. That’s good, because the best way to think of the Quest is as a VR games console platform.

Like other modern standalone VR headsets, the Quest uses inside-out tracking, with cameras scanning the surrounding for true 6DoF motion. It also has some pretty advanced, precise motion controllers out of the box. The onboard hardware is pretty impressive too, for a mobile, battery powered system.

However, a gaming platform is only as good as the actual games that are available on it, so the launch lineup for the Quest is very important indeed. The good news is that there are just over 50 titles to buy along with your shiny new gaming headset. Here are some highlights.

Beat Saber

A huge hit on other VR platforms, use your copyright-friendly sabers to smack down cubes along with the beat. Beat Saber is a key title for the Quest and shows that it can provide an experience on par with other tethered systems.

Superhot VR

Superhot VR is another major title that shows how you can really make a game that leverages the best of VR. Time only advances when you move and you have to get out of some pretty hairy action-movie situations. It’s also a great demo for the Quests room-scale tracking.

Job Simulator

Job Simulator simulates a world where robots do all the jobs, but what if you wanted to know what a job was like? Well that’s where you use this job simulator. Except, the historians have got it hilariously wrong. This casual title has been a mainstay on many other VR platforms, but here it has all the proper tracking and graphics without the tethering. So you can experience dumb fake jobs at work, for a really meta experience.

VR Chat

This last highlight is only sort of a game, because it has some games built into it. VR Chat is however the Quest’s most promising chat application and lets you embody a variety of avatars. There still seem to be some cross-platform bugs, but with some polish this could actually be a killer app for the system.

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