Virtual Reality in Fashion

Fashion is not something that immediately springs to mind when thinking about virtual reality but nevertheless, it is used by the fashion industry in a variety of ways.

These include:

  • VR software for building virtual fashion stores
  • 3D avatars (virtual humans) to help with clothes design
  • Fashion show in Second Life
  • 3D fashion portfolio

Second Life is discussed further as a separate article. Please see the Virtual Reality Games section.

Virtual fashion show

There are situations in which the boundaries are blurred between fashion and technology, for example, the use of virtual reality as part of a live fashion show. In that scenario, a 3D image was projected into a real world setting, i.e. a catwalk as part of the show.

Second Life fashion

Another example is where fashion is influenced by technology, in particular virtual worlds such as Second Life. The models and clothes are based upon avatars in that environment.

Girl games and fashion

The meeting of fashion and virtual reality can be seen in games which are designed for girls. These games combine fashion, music and technology in a way designed to appeal to the interests of teenage girls.

The issue of girls and virtual reality gaming is discussed in more detail within the virtual reality games section.

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