Virtual reality games for girls

There are certain types of games which appeal to girls more than boys. This applies across the board, from video and computer games through to arcade and mobile phone games. So, virtual reality games are unlikely to be any different.

If you are the parent of a girl or a boy and girl then you will have noticed differences then they play games. If they enjoy computer games then you will often find that boys prefer different types of games to girls.

If you are the parent of a boy then have a look at virtual reality games for boys article.

Girls games

But if you have a daughter who loves video games and is equally keen on virtual reality games then what does she play? There is a good chance she will play the following:

  • The Sims
  • games (dress up games)
  • Virtual Pet online
  • Girl in Hollywood
  • Barbie games
  • Create your own Avatar

These games are based upon celebrities, fashion, pets, virtual worlds and the Disney Channel. These are popular interests for girls which games companies have responded to accordingly.

It is easy to see this as stereotyping but if you are a pre-teen or teenage girl then the chances are you have one or more of these interests. So, all these games companies are doing are creating the types of games you like.

What is wrong with that?

But what about if you are the type of girl who likes first person shooters or driving games? There are games like that which are usually played by boys but girls do play them as well.

It may be the case that games companies haven’t caught up with the fact that not every girl likes games about shopping, fashion or pets. They fail to understand that there are girls who love strategy games or RPG (role playing games).

But things are changing albeit slowly.

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