Virtual reality games for the Mac

The Apple Mac has been a revolution in the world of computing and is loved for its great design, secure operating system and attention to detail. Plus it and many other Apple devices are considered the epitome of cool.

No-one can argue that their devices aren’t cool or provide a great ‘user experience’. But are there any virtual reality games for this ubercool device?

One example is ‘Spectre VR’: a shooter game where you get the chance to drive a tank and battle with robots, rogue machines etc. This was originally designed for Nintendo and PC but has been expanded to include the Mac.

Virtual worlds such as Second Life can be accessed on a Mac although certain elements work differently compared to a PC. The Macworld site contains advice about using Second Life which includes a few tweaks.

One possibility is virtual reality apps: just as we have mobile apps we now have virtual reality apps (or applications for short) which are designed to meet a particular need. These apps are available on Mac and PC as well as the Xbox 360 and the iPhone.

It appears to be the case that the only virtual reality games for the Mac are online games and virtual worlds but this may change over time. It will depend upon demand for these types of games from the Mac community.

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