Virtual reality games for parents

What types of games are there for parents, if indeed there are any games designed for this group? Many parents are less enthusiastic about computer/video games than children which may be because they see them as ‘only for kids’.

But the rise of virtual worlds such as Second Life has changed much of that as many parents interact with others via avatars in these environments.

Then there are educational games which parents share with their kids. This helps your kids to learn such as a maths problem as well as enabling you to keep an eye on them. In this sense educational virtual reality games are going to be popular with parents.

Plus if you are a parent then you may be concerned about issues of security and inappropriate content which is more of an issue with online games. Not so much of a problem with games consoles.

If you are a parent who is reluctant to enter into virtual worlds and/or virtual reality games, or doesn’t see the appeal of them then think again. Today’s generation have grown up with technology and are far more tech-savvy than previous generations. So it is very much a case of embrace the technology or get left behind.

Plus it is a good way to bond with your child as well as a fun experience. You might even end up taking part and becoming a fan of ‘muves’ or multi-user virtual environments.

Virtual reality games and virtual worlds are here to stay so it is better to learn as much as you can about them and interact rather than remaining on the sidelines. Plus the more knowledge you have about these the better equipped you are if a problem arises.

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