Virtual reality games for the PC

There are hundreds of games for the PC as well as those for the PS2, Xbox 360 and Mac. Competition is fierce between these consoles with the relevant companies always looking for the next big thing.

Does that mean virtual reality? It seems to be the case that virtual reality is making a comeback – 21st century style – with the unveiling of the Sony Personal Display. This is a type of eyewear which looks like a futuristic pair of goggles (and a bit 90’s!) but is sophisticated and designed to give a VR flavour to the gaming experience. It also features surround sound which only adds to the experience.

The likely scenario is one which applies to games consoles: you wear a pair of virtual reality glasses which contain a tracking system and headphones that allow you to become immersed in a game. One example is the multiplayer game World of Warcraft.

The Vuzix iWear VR920 glasses are designed for virtual/3D worlds and multiplayer games, e.g. Quake 4. They have a built in microphone and tracking system and allow you to interact with others in a simulated environment.

It could be the case that glasses such as these could be worn in any game which turns it into a virtual reality experience.

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