Virtual reality games for the PS2

The PS2 is a popular games console which is also a rival to the Xbox. It, along with the PSP, has proven to be a market leader in games consoles and shows no sign of stopping.

If you have a PS2 then we assume that you are a proud owner of this console and wouldn’t swap it for anything. Or, you may be the owner of a PS3 but that is discussed in another article.

There are numerous games available which include:

  • Guitar Hero Series
  • Grand Theft Auto Series
  • Fifa 11
  • Superman Returns
  • Buzz: Brain of the UK

These are just a few of the many games for this console.

But are there are any virtual reality games? Fans of the PS2 argue that there are games such as Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution which allow you to become part of the game to the extent that you feel immersed within it. Whether that counts as a virtual reality experience remains to be seen.

Critics argue that for something to be classed as virtual reality it must involve the use of data gloves/suits and goggles or a head mounted display (HMD) plus input device.

Your best bet might be to buy a set of virtual reality glasses which can be used with the PS2 and other consoles for a virtual reality experience. These glasses cause a change in perspective as you move your head which is similar to those found in semi-immersive and fully immersive virtual reality systems.

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