Virtual reality games of the future

We have talked about today’s virtual reality games but what about those yet to appear? There are games currently in the pipeline which promise new ways of using virtual reality to push the boundaries between the player and the environment.

There are two areas for discussion which are:

Both of these are discussed as separate articles.

If you think today’s virtual reality games are pretty damn good then imagine what tomorrow’s games will look like. They will make use of the very latest innovations in virtual reality technology such as new virtual reality glasses and input devices, e.g. wand, similar to the Nintendo Wii controller.

This goes hand in hand with improvements in computing speed and power and a decrease in costs. If this is to be believed then you could be looking at advanced games which allow a fully immersive virtual reality experience at a relatively low cost. In fact, one of these systems may not cost much more than your Xbox or PS3.

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