Second Life

This is the most popular virtual world. It was created by Linden Labs back in 2003 and has attracted and amazed people since then. It enables you to visit a virtual world and interact with other people in the form of a virtual person or avatar. This avatar is designed by you and in whatever form you want.

If you are a man then you can become a female avatar and vice versa. Some people choose an animal, others opt for an avatar which looks very similar to their real persona and a few daring souls choose an abstract avatar.

You explore a virtual world: you build virtual properties and engage in a range of activities with others. You socialise and form new friendships.

Second Life is a free, virtual world where you have the opportunity to explore the World Map on different levels and interact with all different kinds of people.

It contains all types of properties, from bars to universities, hospitals to racing tracks. You name it it’s got it: there is a property, location or scenario for everything you can think of. This means games, relationships, holidays, sport, games, clubbing, work or just lounging around.

But it appears to have fallen out of favour since the advent of social media and tools such as Facebook and Twitter. These and other social networking sites have taken over from Second Life and downgraded its popularity.

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