Top 10 virtual reality games

This article looks at the top ten virtual reality games. The most popular VR games are those with sports, role playing (RPG) and war themes.

That’s not to say that these games aren’t enjoyed by kids as many of them do so. But we have found that sports, role playing and strategy games are favoured by adults in general.

What adults enjoy is the chance to not only play these games but with or against others. They like the interaction with other players and the fact that they are able to connect with people from all corners of the globe.

There are games which have remained popular over the years and then there are others which appear but are supplanted by more popular games. We have compiled a list which includes virtual worlds, e.g. Second Life amongst others.

Right, the list of the top 10 virtual reality games is:

  1. Second Life
  2. Active Worlds
  3. Blue Mars
  4. Empire of Sports
  5. IMVU
  6. Kaneva
  7. NuVera Online
  8. Onverse
  9. PlayStation 3 Home
  10. Red Light Center

Plus there is the option to turn a computer game into a virtual reality experience merely by adding a pair ofvirtual reality glasses. An example of this is the online multiplayer game ‘Unreal Tournament’ where a player can become immersed in the action. This is also possible with large scale games such as World of Warcraft.

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