Top 10 virtual worlds for adults

There are certain virtual worlds which are more popular with adults than others. Everyone has their preferences but it does seem to be the case that some virtual worlds are used much more often than others.

So what are the top ten virtual worlds for adults?

These are:

  • Second Life
  • World of Warcraft
  • Sony PlayStation Home
  • The Sims
  • IMVU
  • Blue Mars
  • Utherverse
  • Kaneva
  • Active Worlds
  • Meet Me

No prizes for guessing that Second Life is the number one virtual world. This virtual world has risen rapidly up the rankings to reach the number 1 spot.

What many of these games have in common is social interaction, role playing (RPG), games and the ability to buy and sell virtual products.

But the popularity of these games has been affected to a certain extent by the rise in social media. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare have captured people’s attention. This has had an effect on virtual world usage in that the numbers of online players has dropped.

But there are adults who continue to use virtual worlds.

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