Upcoming virtual reality games

Upcoming virtual reality games can be seen at the large scale events such as E3 Expo. This is a showcase for many of the world’s video and computer games manufacturers who demonstrate innovative games consoles and the like.

This expo is geek heaven. This is where you get the chance to see the very latest developments in gaming technology for handheld devices, computers and the web. This includes big name companies such as Nintendo, Sony and Disney Interactive Studios.

They showcase games which feature virtual reality amongst other technological aspects and are available to try if you are one of the lucky people who can afford to attend this show. We are talking cutting edge gaming here.

There are mobile phone apps which are being released now and in the future that are based upon augmented reality. By this we mean that they are a combination of the real and virtual worlds. Or in other words, we use computer generated data such as sound or video to ‘augment’ (improve) a particular aspect of the real world.

Augmented reality is discussed in greater detail as a separate section.

VR Kinect

Another option is to modify a technological device so that it can be used to create a virtual reality experience. There are consoles such as Microsoft’s Kinect which have been hacked so that it works with other devices or in new and interesting ways. One example is that of combining it with virtual reality glasses to produce a virtual reality game.

Other people have hacked this device so that it can be used with Mac, PC and Linux. Others like the idea of using it in new forms of interaction such as human-robot or for art installations.

It appears to be the case that there are people looking at ways of creating their own virtual reality set up but at an affordable price. Hacking a games console is a low cost way to do so which doesn’t require the level of knowledge needed to build a complete virtual environment, e.g. CAVE.

Let’s be honest, most people don’t have the funds available to build their own fully immersive virtual reality environment so hacking a games console is the next best thing.

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