Virtual Reality Clothing

Experts and researchers feel that new and more developed devices ahs to be developed in order to increase interaction for users.  The few basic interactive devices like the keyboard and the mouse are really easy for any user to use. But they stop the user to completely enjoy sense of immersion. But for full proper virtual reality experience an user needs to fully forget the existence of this real world.

However there have been developments in such human-machine interfaces (HMI). There are many industries to invest for the funding needed to develop advanced technologies and on exploring new kinds of HMI. The advanced HMI industry includes entertainment sector, academic field, and small VR field. These HMI devices use VR technology. These device are highly interesting when wore by users as because they even contains gloves and bodysuits. These gloves are termed by many as Data Gloves or Power Gloves. These are not general terms however to name these gloves. They are kind of weird and when the user interacts using these it makes weird gestures. These gloves don’t work in the same manner.

Some of these gloves measure finger extensions through a series of cables made of fiber-optic. The light is passing through these cables from an emitter to a sensor. Depending on how the user moves his hands the amount of light changes. Thus it sends data to the CPU of the VR system unit. These gloves however need to be fully customized according to the individual using this. There are other gloves that use flexible material covered by a coat of an electrically conductive ink, which helps to measure the finger position of a user. The electrical resistance changes depending on the movement of the fingers of the user. The CPU shows the changes in data and hence these are far more accurate than fiber-optic gloves. These are also much less costly.

One can also use a dexterous hand master (DHM) glove if he is keen on accuracy and strong responsiveness. The DHM uses sensors that as tagged to each joint of your finger. They are joined with mechanical links and as a result these gloves work as exoskeleton. They are far more accurate than the fiber-gloves or those electrical materials.

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