Virtual Reality Glasses for the PS3

This article discusses the use of virtual reality glasses with games consoles such as the Playstation 3 (PS3). Virtual reality glasses have been designed to be used with the PS3 but have received a mixed reception.

Many gamers argue that these glasses display poor quality images and are uncomfortable to wear. They also argue that a fully immersive pair of glasses is required in order to achieve the complete virtual reality experience and that we are still some way off from that.

These views were expressed on a playstation gaming forum on the AV forums website and appear in similar form elsewhere. The general view is that they are still too expensive, clumsy and low tech to satisfy the needs of the most hardcore gamer.

However a news article dated July 2011 states the following:

Researchers at Sony are experimenting with virtual reality and are developing a VR headset which would contain a tracking device to enable the wearer to experience total immersion. But this headset is unlikely to be released to the general public until the advent of the PS4 or even a PS5 version.

This means that the notion of a virtual reality headset or glasses must not be ruled out. But it needs to be easily available and affordable to appeal to the public.

An American company – Vuzix sell video glasses which are designed for gaming, entertainment and medical applications. These glasses provide the wearer with a cinema experience at an affordable price.

They also sell video glasses which contain tracking devices, audio, microphone and an immersive screen that can be used in virtual worlds and other similar environments.

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