Virtual Reality Input Devices

Everyone cannot really afford a CAVE system or purchase a bodysuit. One still have other options to choose from than using a wand or a joystick. The user’s sense of immersion increases when the devices that take part into the navigational section are efficient and smooth and tally with the real life experience of the user. Keeping this in mind different systems for navigation for the user has been developed.

Another system is Treadmill. A treadmill is quite useful. Over here the user remains static in respect to the real world. But the user will exactly feel that he is himself moving through the virtual world. A treadmill is relatively simpler to be attached to the computer system. Here the steps of the user result in changes into the systems graphics. However there is a limitation in treadmill and that is the user can only walk backward or forward.

Omni-directional treadmills are also developed that allows fee movement of user into any directions.  The normal treadmills sue a single motor whereas the omni-directional treadmills use 2 motors thus ensuring free movement for the user. The walking surface is usually covered with complicated system of cables and belts.

There is a substitute for a treadmill. That is known as a pressure mat. There are different types of pressure sensors. The most common used sensors are known as the electromechanical pressure sensor. It acts as relay whenever pressure is applies to a sensor. As the circuit shuts down, an electric current passes through it. It further allows the CPU to amend the graphic output that is being sent to the user. You may have noticed pressure mats which were used in video games like “Dance Dance Revolution.”

VirtuSphere, Inc has created a hamster ball as the sane size as a human. The user gets inside and walks around this ball. The sphere stands on a fixed platform that has various wheels resting against the sphere. Thus it allows it to roll in different ways without changing the position and remaining fixed. Sensors in the wheels let the CPU know which way the user is moving. The change in the user’s HMD can be noticed accordingly.

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