Ground Vehicle Simulators

The Ground Vehicle Simulators are not as high profiles as flight simulators. Simulators are one main examples of the Future Combat System (FCS) – the foundation of the armed forces’ future. The FCS has a collection of battle command system. They also have a system of advanced vehicles and weapons platforms. These FCS simulators are connected together by scientists. Complex training missions are hence taken place. They involve candidates in various roles.

These FCS simulators have attached to a console three computer monitor and a pair of joystick. They can simulate ground vehicles, sight mortar vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles or an infantry carrier vehicle. Specialized devises like tanks and heavily-armored Stryker vehicle are used by the Army to train its soldiers. The simulators accurately and effectively recreate the replica and even the touch and feel of the vehicles are same. Any environment you can imagine can be created in the virtual environment. They also understand the nature and ways the real vehicle would act when caught under poor weather like a storm or a hurricane or when traveling on a rough dangerous terrain. They even arrange for virtual complex war games. These make the soldier more efficient by participating in the war and fight as if he is in a real life environment.

These simulators are highly expensive. They cost around $800,000 per unit. However the actual vehicle can cost you few million dollars. Besides that the best part is that the soldier behind the controls will be just safe and sound.

Yet he will undergo and complete these training sessions and be very efficient. Hence the cost is justified.

The soldiers are familiarized with urban combat tactics by training them using tem simulators. The battlefields that we see today are far more different than that that took place in older times. In those times the soldiers used to rush into the cities and towns and started battle traditionally. The soldiers can be given training in a better way by the usage of simulators in military. They learn how to navigate into different countries and operate in urban landscapes. Without even being physically hurt they can learn the minutest tactics of how to survive in the battlefield.

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