Virtual reality military weapons

There are a range of weapons specially designed for virtual reality military training which include ‘VR guns’, armoured vehicles and submarines which launch virtual torpedoes.

These virtual weapons are similar in size, shape and appearance to their real life counterparts but do not cause harm to their owners. They are used during virtual reality combat training and simulations which are designed to instruct new soldiers (or other personnel) in the skills and techniques needed for front line action.

These weapons allow their owner to track and shoot a target in order to simulate a real world experience. Plus they learn the correct way of handling a weapon, for example an M4 carbine which is used by the American Armed Forces.

Virtual torpedoes are a recent innovation. A fleet of submarines are equipped with an on-board simulator which is connected to synthetic targets. The software enables the trainee crew to fire a ‘virtual torpedo’ at a synthetic target as part of a training exercise. The resulting data is then analysed and used as part of feedback during the training process.

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