Virtual Boot Camp

Virtual reality has proved to be a boon in the filed of Defence. The soldiers get familiarized with the complex military vehicles and their operations and nature. However usage of virtual reality is not only limited to these trainings. Other applications use this as well. This technology is exploited to its maximum limit by the huge video games industry. The video game studios have patched up with the military officials and have focused on the making of realistic virtual scenes. These games is a fun way to help the soldiers learn to face and get though various difficult environments and situations. Guys and girls with a keen interest for the world of warfare cam play these games and get a   taste of this real life like scenarios.

Pandemic Studios generated a complex training simulation as portion of the Future Combat Systems (FCS) initiative. Over here the software is made in such a way that the soldiers can practice small tricks and ways to get pass a virtual urban environment. Xbox console is used to play such video games.

This console acts as a team leader who tries to achieve certain targets in various scenarios. During the later period Pandemic Studios offered a modified version of the software and turned it into a commercial game, called “Full Spectrum Warrior.”

“America’s Army” and “Guard Force” are other games and simulations that can be worth mentioning of. Even the today’s generation grows up passing their each day engaging into video games. Similarly the military also realizes that today’s Armed Forces have also grown up playing games. This culture has video games as an integral part of life. So when new Forces are recruited the military uses these as a way to connect with them. The candidates are given a safe risk free environment where they can learn the real life techniques.

Many VR training applications go a way ahead than just games. Many bases have a setup huge in VR for providing a much effective training to the candidate. The trainers use CAVE systems to use displays that have heads mounted on them. The trainees get the best concepts and trainings. Currently not many places have such huge training facilities in the virtual environment. This happens because these environments are very expensive in order to purchase and maintain. However these trainings are really very efficient. The results of this are more than promising. Many soldiers spend hours logging into these simulated environments hitting down virtual enemies.

Virtual Squad Training System (VSTS) is an example of such a pilot program. This is located at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. Recently a new training system is being devised. It is a wearable and wireless system.

It allows soldiers to move smooth through the virtual environment. The following are the virtual reality gear:

  • A head-mounted display with a motion tracker
  • A special load-bearing vest that holds the batteries for the unit and a wireless computer unit
  • A body motion tracker
  • A wireless weapon controller that matches the size, weight and shape of real military weapons.

For the military a system is specifically created by Quantum3D, Inc. This is a specialized software package. There is another program called the Battle Master IOS. The program is designed in such a way that the soldiers gets trained using simulated weapons like the M165, M249 or M4 and they are navigating flexibly through a virtual environment. They go through difficult training program in a risk free environment. However some real training is considered to be of the utmost importance for few military personnel. Virtual Reality cannot replace real trainings in future fully. The Armed Forces still doesn’t see Virtual reality to be taking the place fully of real life trainings.

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