Water Vehicle Simulators

The Navy submarine simulators are totally different from the rest of the simulations sued un-military-vehicles. Over here lifelike graphics are not needed since in a submarine you don’t really need to have windows to see outside. Instead of that these submarine simulators must have the power to project realistic real life like instrument readings very accurately. While the crew members navigate through the sea the readings they see should be matching real life navigation. We also get submarine simulators which are static. This does not allow the element of immersion to grow inside the user. However other models have a setting on a pneumatic arm which when tilts the module allows the feeling that a person is physically diving or surfacing maneuver.

Another vastly used naval application of virtual reality is its usage in a virtual bridge. The seamanship, navigation and ship-handling trainer (NSST) accurately duplicates the bridge of a large Navy ship. These simulators have a dozens of computer monitors. These computer monitors serve as the windows of the bridge, some act as ship monitors. A large number of varied scenarios can be experienced here. This in turn builds teamwork and the ship – handling skills are developed fast.

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