The Virtual Reality Ambience And Atmosphere

While the user explores the virtual environment the factors that stimulate the sensory output should be capable of adjusting itself in real time. Suppose the audio generated is a 3D sound then the audio quality should be good enough to convince the user that as he moves through his environment the sound also orients in a natural way. Continues usage will soon create a sense of deep immersion in the mind of the user. The user will feel his involvement. These simulations should be continuous.

Whenever the virtual environment depicts a scene where there is no movement at all then definitely the user must not feel a wind as speedy as a hungry gale. He must feel exactly what he experience sin this real world. In the same way, If the user is stuck in the middle of a hurricane storm we cannot expect him to feel a gentle breeze.

There is then the concept of Latency involvement. Latency is the time difference between how the user makes some actions and the virtual environment reflects as a reaction to that action. It is that delay is the difference in time taken while an user turns his head or the direction of his eyes and the change in the point of view. This is exactly a time lag in the different sensory outputs shown by the user when he goes though a simulation. Research shows in relation to simulations of flight that humans detect a latency more than 50 milliseconds. Incase the user realizes this time lag or Latency then his Immersion with the virtual environment will break within a second and no longer he will feel how natural the virtual world feels.

The total idea of immersion breaks once the user gets aware of the real world around. In an environment really good the user forgets everything surrounding him. He forgets that there is a medium called the computer. He starts believing it as his real world.  He sees himself as a different identity. All this is possible due to developers who have devised new quality input methods that prove to be more natural. The user gets unaware of this device that allows him to interact.