Virtual Reality Immersion

Immersion is basically an unique experience that is connected with the world of virtual reality. Over here the user whole exploring the three dimensional world of virtual reality will simply immerse into this make believe world as the real world. It is basically a feeling of involvement of the user in the virtual world intelligently designed by experts.

They have the power to interact with this world. This unique combinations where the user can immerse as well interact with the simulations is known as Telepresence. This is devise by the famous computer scientist Jonathan Steuer. Thus the user forgets about his real world scenario, forgets his present identity, situation and life and immerses him in a world of imagination, adventure and exploration. He gets more focused about his newly created identity inside the Virtual Reality world.

Immersion is made up of two main components as stated by Jonathan Steuer. They are:-

  • Depth of Information
  • Breadth of Information

While a user is using simulations and interaction between the user and the virtual environment takes place then some amount of quality of data are received in the signals. These information are termed as Depth of Information. Depth of information can necessarily include anything and everything starting from the resolution of the display unit, the graphics quality, the effectiveness of the audio and video etc.

Jonathan Steuer also defines breadth of information as a number of sensory dimensions presented simultaneously. Any virtual environment can be designated as having a wider breadth of information whenever it stimulates all the human senses. The user should get fully focused onto the new identity and world he explores. The audio and visual effects are the mostly researched area in creating a good virtual environment. These are considered as the main factors that can stimulate user’s all sensory organs. The sense of touch is been given more and more priority as it has become the dominating factor to stimulate a human.  Those systems that allow the users to interact through touch are known as Baptic Systems.

It is also necessary from the users’ perspective to explore the life –sized virtual environment fully and effectively. This will prove how effective is Immersion. The perspectives also need to be changed seamlessly. Say for example there is a room in the virtual environment and it contains a pedestal right in the middle of the room then the pedestal should be visible to the user from any angle of the room. The point of view will also move accordingly wherever the angle of the user is changing. However Dr. Frederick Brooks, a legend in VR technology and theory comments that displays must project a frame rate of at least 20 – 30 frames per second in order to produce an efficient user experience.