Motion tracking

The Sixense STEM

The STEM by Sixense is a wireless motion tracking system that provides precise motion tracking and control for virtual reality experiences. The system is still in development, but is slated for a December 2015 release. The system is in many ways a successor to the Razer Hydra, a licenced product also developed and produced by … Continue reading The Sixense STEM

Virtual Reality Motion Tracking Technology Has All the Moves

Motion tracking, the process of digitising your movements for use in computer software, is incredibly important for virtual reality. Without it your virtual self is paralysed, unable to move its head or move around. At best you’d have to use an abstract control system like a gamepad instead which, while functional, does your sense of … Continue reading Virtual Reality Motion Tracking Technology Has All the Moves


TrackIR is an optical motion tracking device that used an infrared (IR) camera to track head motion manufactured by NaturalPoint. The user wears a hat or other rigid structure on the head with dots that reflect infrared light. These are used as reference points to generate motion data for the software. With the correct configuration … Continue reading TrackIR