Expert Insights

An Interview With Ekram Alam

Ekram Alam is co-founder of Cocoon Creativity and co-developer of EVOLVE, a mobile VR and AR app that aims to transport you back to the prehistoric age with the help of Evolutionary Biology professors at UCL.

An Interview With Leon Sütfeld MSc

Leon Sütfeld’s most recent used VR as part of its exploration into human ethics and decision making. We at VRS got the opportunity to ask Mr Sütfeld about his work and what it could mean for both virtual and actual reality.

An Interview With Wang-Tsu Liu

We previously have written about the progress of virtual reality in the corporate world, and how it is increasingly being used as part of wellness programmes. One such company is Happinss, who opened the first virtual reality wellness room in Guatamajala. We were fortunate enough to get an interview with Happinss co-founder, Wang-Tsu Liu about … Continue reading An Interview With Wang-Tsu Liu