10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Oculus Quest 2

If you’ve heard the hype about the forthcoming metaverse and have decided you want in on the action early, you may have decided to go for the popular VR headset, Oculus Quest 2 from Meta.

Before you launch yourself into this new digital frontier, there are a few things you need to know so you get the most out of your experience.

In this guide, we’ll share some essential tips that will help you get used to your new Quest 2.

1. Get Social

Spending time in the metaverse shouldn’t be a solitary activity. Oculus Quest 2 connects to your Facebook account, giving you access to all of your contacts and allowing you to add friends you meet in your adventures.

Just like on Facebook, the ‘People’ tab on your home screen will also suggest possible friends. Add a few people and see what they’re up to.

2. Get Comfortable

As with many VR headsets, the Quest can be front-heavy. You’ll need to make sure it’s fitted properly so you don’t get a sore neck.

Ensure the back strap is kept low so it cradles your head. Use the mound on the rear of your head to properly support your headset. Once in position, tighten the top strap.

3. Get an Avatar

Whether you’re playing games or hanging out in Horizon Worlds, you’ll need a visual representation of yourself. Click the profile icon on your home screen and create an avatar. 

Your avatar is very customisable, meaning you can get it as close or as far from your real-life appearance as you like. Using an avatar will mean you’ve got a recognisable and consistent identity throughout the VR world.

4. Set Your IPD

IPD stands for interpupillary distance. This refers to how far apart your pupils are. If your IPD isn’t set up correctly, it can make things a little burry and you may find using your Quest 2 uncomfortable.

To adjust the distance, use the IPD sliders under the headset to match your interpupillary distance. If you wear glasses, your optician should have this information. There are also apps you can download that will measure your specific IPD, or you could do it the old-school way with a mirror and a ruler.

5. Turn Your Phone Notifications On

Being in VR doesn’t mean you need to miss calls and texts. If you’ve got an iPhone or Android phone, you can pair this with your headset and receive notifications while you’re wearing it. These notifications can either be set up to appear whatever you’re doing or just be visible on the home screen.

Not only will you receive updates on calls and messages, but you can also get app notifications too. Of course, as with anything like this, you can change your settings to suit your preferences.

6. Checkout the World Around You With Passthrough

To effortlessly transition between the VR world and the real one, you can use the handy Passthrough function. This lets you use the headset’s cameras to see your actual surroundings.

By setting up your Quest 2 to enter Passthrough mode with a double-tap, you’ll be able to check on anything that’s going on in the physical realm without needing to take off your headset.

7. Shop Smart at the Oculus Quest Store

On the Oculus Quest store, you’ll find all the latest apps and games to enhance your experience. The store often has sales, meaning you can bag a popular title for less.

Got buyer’s remorse on a game you’ve just bought? The great news is that if you’ve amassed less than two hours play-time in the game, you can get a full refund. This is fantastic for when you’re on the fence and would really like to try a game before committing.

8. Use Hand Hacking

To get a total hands-free experience, put down your Touch controllers and try Hand Hacking. If you’re just wanting to shop the Oculus store or check out the latest Netflix series in VR, you can do this using just your hands. You can enable Hand Hacking in the ‘Hands and Controllers’ menu in ‘Settings’.

Once set up, you’ll be able to use natural hand movements to navigate the interface, and a little pinch will let you click on anything. Open your hand and face it up and you’ll access the Menu options.

9. Set Up Your Playspace

Before delving into the VR universe, make sure you have enough space in the physical world. The last thing you want to do is walk into something or step on something and cause yourself injury mid-game.

Set yourself a two metre square where there are no furniture or trip hazards. Many people find using a yoga mat helpful, although if you really want to invest in setting up your space, buy a Proximat.

Proximats are specially designed VR mats that let you know where you are in the room, preventing any nasty VR-related accidents.

10. Use Voice Commands

To really speed up and smooth your use of the Quest 2, you’ll need to use voice commands. Head to the ‘Quick Settings’ menu and hit the ‘Voice Commands’ icon. Once set up, you’ll be able to easily access the voice assistant to launch apps, find out the time, check the weather, and much more.

Get the Most Out of Your Oculus Quest 2

While we’re still a while away from the release of the Quest 3, there’s still lots of people adopting the Quest 2. What tips would you recommend to any newcomers? Let us know in the comments below. 

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