Augmented Reality games

There is one area where augmented reality is used and to great effect which is gaming. Video/computer games are extremely popular and designers are constantly looking for ways in which to push boundaries to improve their customers’ experience. Augmented reality is one way of doing so.

This article looks at different types of augmented reality games for a variety of devices. This means a series of sub articles which are as follows:

  • Augmented reality games for the iPhone
  • Augmented reality games for Android
  • Augmented reality games for the iPad
  • Augmented reality games for the PC
  • Augmented reality games for the PS3
  • Augmented reality games for the PSP
  • Augmented reality games for the Mac

Visit any of these in turn if you want to know more about a particular game and the appropriate device.

If you are also interested in virtual reality then have a look at our virtual reality games section. This is designed to accompany this article and discusses a range of issues which are similar to augmented reality games.

Augmented reality games consist of a portable device, augmented reality card (AR card), software, compass and GPRS. The device is pointed at the AR card which then triggers the appearance of a series of images or a game. One example of this is the Nintendo 3DS system which includes a games card that enables you to see computer generated images via your DS.

The basic theme to this and many other augmented reality games is that of a special AR games card which you point your phone or games console at. The device will contain an image recognition system which also recognises QR codes and a means of displaying these images and/or data.

It combines real and virtual images together via the video stream function located within the phone or console. This process takes place in real time which is why you are able to see these 3D images as you point the phone/console at the augmented reality (AR) games card.

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