Augmented reality games for the iPhone

There are numerous apps for the iPhone which include a series of augmented reality games. The idea behind these is to enhance the gaming experience via 3D movement.

Here is a list of some of the most popular augmented reality games for the iPhone:

  • Golfscape GPRS Rangefinder: displays information about each of the 18 holes on a golf course, e.g. yardage.
  • Spyglass: turns your phone into a compass which is designed for outdoor activities, e.g. walking.
  • Panoramascope – displays information about a particular location.
  • Cyclopedia: nothing to do with bicycles but displays Wikipedia information as you move the phone around.
  • Star Chart: a virtual astronomy app which displays information about the stars as you point the phone up at the sky.
  • SnapShot Showroom: a useful app for anyone looking to buy new furniture or any other items for their home.
  • Travel Guide: as the name says, a handy guide when you are travelling overseas.
  • FirePower: a high energy game which enables you to shoot at cars as a form of stress relief.
  • Quick Writer: a virtual keyboard which enables you to see what you are typing.
  • SketchWiz: for the budding artist, this app enables you to be creative in a variety of ways.

These are a selection from what is a growing collection of augmented reality apps.

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