Augmented reality games for the PSP

The PSP or PlayStation Portable is a small, handheld device which enables you to play a variety of games as well as allowing interactivity with other Sony consoles, e.g. the PS3 and the internet.

You won’t be surprised to learn that there are plenty of games for this handheld device which has become a popular addition to the Sony collection.

EyePet for the PSP

The latest addition to the games collection is augmented reality. For example, there is a version of EyePet that has been specially developed for the PSP which is based upon augmented reality. It includes an augmented reality card (known as an AR card) which forms the basis for the 3D virtual images and a UMD (Universal Media Disc) which, along with the built in webcam, detects this card.

You point the PSP (which contains a camera) at the card which causes a virtual pet to appear which you view on the PSP. You can customise and interact with this pet.

Another augmented reality game is Invizimals which is designed for the PSP and is similar to the Pokemon series of games. It requires the user to track down and capture a set of dangerous creatures which can then be trained to the user’s needs. This game also uses a square shaped marker card and a webcam attachment which enables the user to see these animals on the marker card.

Another use is in the educational field. The PSP can be used with a UMD provided by ConnectED as part of their Second Sight software. This enables the webcam within the PSP to identify a marker or augmented reality card (AR card). As it does so it causes the release of a set of 3D images or in the case of the example above, a virtual pet. These appear on top of the AR card which is viewed via the PSP screen.

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