Leaked: Meta’s New Headset

As excitement grows in the lead-up to the eagerly anticipated launch of Meta’s new VR headset, leaked information has sprung up online from someone who claims to have seen the new Quest first-hand. 

The headset is due to be formally unveiled at Meta’s Connect conference on October the 11th, but a gamer named Ramiro Cardenas, who streams under the name Zectriuz Gaming, posted a video on Facebook showing a “Meta Quest Pro” that was found in a hotel where he works. 

So, what information about the new headset can be gleaned from Cardenas’ video? And why are Meta employees carelessly leaving valuable prototypes within easy reach of the general public? 

Here’s what the world learned about Meta’s new headset from Ramiro Cardenas.

How Was Meta’s Headset Found?

In an online interview, Cardenas claims that he found the headset in a black bag outside one of the rooms in the hotel where he works whilst doing his rounds. Initially, the gamer thought that the bag contained Quest 2s; however, he quickly realised they were the new headsets. 

Elsewhere online, it’s reported that he found multiple headsets in boxes inside the hotel room. 

What Do the Meta Quest Pro Videos Show?

The videos initially posted by Cardenas on Facebook show the new headset, which is clearly distinct from the Quest 2, along with the new slimmer controllers. Even the new Quest Pro straps look more rigid than on Meta’s previous headsets. 

Notably, there doesn’t appear to be a top strap. This would suggest that the headset is very lightweight or that the straps it does have provide enough support to prevent it from slipping. 

The device shown in Cadenas’ videos is charcoal black and is labelled as a Meta Quest Pro “engineering sample”. The label also states that it’s not meant for sale. 

There appears to be a dial that might be used to adjust the distance between lenses and eyes. 

Overall, the headset looks akin to how Meta suggested the Project Cambria headset might look. 

Is the Leaked Headset Real?

Of course, the big question is whether this video is genuine or not. Understandably, Meta hasn’t commented on the matter. 

Cardenas says that he’s since returned the headset to its rightful owner, but not before sharing the leak on Meta’s social media platform. Some people may suggest that if it were real, Meta would have acted fast to remove this content. 

Unfortunately, there’s no footage of him actually using the device or even turning it on. Given that Cardenas is a gamer and, ultimately, a Quest 2 owner, he doesn’t seem to know very much about the new headset.

So, was Cardenas paid by Meta to drum up some publicity ahead of next month’s launch? Maybe he was just a pawn in an elaborate marketing ploy…Or, conversely,  did he make it all up to boost viewer numbers on his streaming channel? We’ll probably never know. 

What Do We Actually Know About the Quest Pro?

Putting the physical appearance of the Quest Pro aside, we don’t learn anything new about the spec and capabilities of the new hardware. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a few weeks before all is revealed. 

In the meantime. We do know that it’ll have both face and eye tracking, meaning users’ real-time facial expressions can be displayed on avatars to add to the social experience. 

Watch This Virtual Space…

Marketing stunt or genuine leak, there’s clearly some interest in the Meta Quest Pro, despite the potentially high price tag. 

At a time when many are questioning whether the metaverse will live up to the hype or be a strange interactive cartoon world inhabited by Zuackaberg’s lonely avatar and a card-playing giant red robot, all eyes will be on the Connect conference next month to learn more about the way it could shape the future of the internet. 

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