Virtual Reality in Fashion

Fashion is not something that immediately springs to mind when thinking about virtual reality but nevertheless, it is used by the fashion industry in a variety of ways. These include: VR software for building virtual fashion stores 3D avatars (virtual humans) to help with clothes design Fashion show in Second Life 3D fashion portfolio Second … Continue reading Virtual Reality in Fashion

Hololens Virtual Reality Headset

HMD Name: Hololens Designer: Microsoft Website: Estimated price: $3000 Display type: Proprietary “holographic” display technology Resolution: Unknown Field of view: Approx. 40 degrees (unconfirmed) Head tracking: Yes Eye Tracking: No Audio: Yes, no sound isolation Refresh rate: 60Hz Latency: TBA/Unknown Optics: TBA, can be worn with glasses Inputs: NA/Unknown Type: Self-contained mobile HMD The … Continue reading Hololens Virtual Reality Headset

VR Could Be Saving Brains in Contact Sports

Brain injuries are a touchy topic in sports such as boxing and American football. Repeated strikes to the head can have a devastating effect on the long-term health of players. Sometimes the results of this accumulated damage only becomes apparent in autopsies.