No Mans’s Sky VR is Coming


No Man’s Sky was one of the most hyped games in recent history. The game was marketed and promoted in such a way that it essentially seemed like magic.

When the game was finally launched, it ended up being pretty decent indie survival crafting type game, with some impressive procedural generation.

Unfortunately most of what had been promised, the stuff people were really excited about, was missing. The game had no real multiplayer, it didn’t look as nice as it should have and there wasn’t all that much to do if we have to be honest. In many circles the game was seen as a pretty nasty failure.

Next Generation

That dissuade the developers however. They took all the criticism to heart and spent more than a year developing the game even further after launch. The latest massive update, NEXT, almost completely overhauls the game. Bringing it much closer to the game that people were expecting. It seems that the original release may have been a little premature.

Jumping into your ship and heading out into the infinite universe is now a much more pleasant experience. The next, next step it seems is to allow players true exploration through the addition of a VR mode.

Welcome To The Universe

First of all, the announcement was made at a Sony event. as you might expect, this implies that a PSVR exclusive is what we are talking about here. Hopefully if it is exclusive to PSVR it will only be for a set time. After all, the console experience of No Man’s Sky is significantly inferior to the PC one. Rift or Vive support is preferable.

Until then, picking up a copy for PS4 isn’t hard or expensive. While Hello Games still wants $60 for a digital copy, there are oodles of cheap used copies around from when the game initially crashed and burned. All of the updates, including NEXT and PSVR are completely free.

While no specific date has been given for the VR patch, we know it will be Summer 2019, so the wait is unlikely to be long.

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