Samsung Postpones XR Headset Following Apple Announcement

Pencilled in for release in early 2024, Samsung has reportedly postponed the launch of its new XR headset. The headset would compete directly with Apple’s recently-announced Vision Pro; however, according to an SBS Biz report in Korea, Samsung is delaying its release by “one or two quarters.”

SBS Biz is a 24-hour business news channel in South Korea, and the information on the postponed launch is believed to come from reputable sources with insight into Samsung’s internal affairs. 

According to the report, Samsung Electronics informed its display manufacturing partners, Samsung Display and BOE in China, that “existing XR releases” were being put back. 

Here’s what we know about the new XR headset Samsung are working on and the reasons for the delay. 

What Were the Plans for the Samsung Galaxy XR?

When it was first announced, Samsung’s Galaxy XR was originally going to have a pixel density of 2,000 PPI. Since information about the device was first reported, this had been increased to 3,000 PPI. 

Apple has since unveiled the specs for the Vision Pro, which will include a density of 3,400 PPI. 

Previous reports indicated that Samsung’s new headset is being developed in partnership with Google and Qualcomm. First announced back in February, Google is to provide the operating system while Qualcomm is working on the chipset. 

At Google’s May keynote address, executive Sameer Samat announced that the Galaxy XR operating system would be based on Android. 

The South Korean tech giant Samsung had hoped to have samples of the headset ready by the end of the year so that mass production could start. Now, the project faces delays of up to six months. 

Why Has the Galaxy XR Been Delayed?

News of the delays reported by SBS Biz indicates that the new Galaxy XR will target the higher end of the market rather than aiming to compete with the Quest 3, which is set for an Autumn 2023 release at a $500 price point. 

SBS Biz says that the official providing the information maintains that the decision to delay has been made in response to Apple’s June announcement about the Vision Pro launch.  

The official has told SBS Biz that Samsung has “decided to review all internal specifications and performance, such as the design and display of the new XR product” 

Apple’s Vision Pro will launch next year with a price tag of $3,500. It is rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy XR will cost around $2,000. 

What’s Next for Samsung?

On July 26th, Samsung was expected to present the headset at the Galaxy Unpacked show. Given this recent update, it’s uncertain whether we’ll learn more about the headset anytime soon. Watch this space to learn more. 

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