Shanghai Disney Set to Open VR Arcade With Help From SoReal

A VR arcade is set to open at the Shanghai Disney Resort in China. The new VR entertainment centre has been announced by SoReal and is the result of over a year of work.

The launch follows on from previous immersive SoReal projects and promises to provide a unique experience to visitors at Disneyland Shanghai. 

Let’s take a look at SoReal’s VR SuperSpace. 

What Can Visitors Expect From SoReal’s VR SuperSpace?

VR SuperSpace will be SoReal’s flagship entertainment venue and will include two floors filled with immersive experiences. 

Much of the first floor will be based around ‘Journey to the West’, a very popular classic Chinese novel published during the Ming Dynasty in the 16th century. 

In addition, visitors will also be able to enjoy a VR motorcycle ride and a VR game called ‘weighless’ which gives players the sensation that their hanging just above the floor. 

The second floor will include a walkthrough VR experience centred around the massively popular Chinese film franchise ‘The Monkey King.’ In this area, visitors can play single or multiplayer games with friends or complete strangers. 

Along with a mixture of different special effects, the VR entertainment centre will also make use of holograms. 

Who Are SoReal?

SoReal is a virtual reality brand that has been running for a few years now, with a VR entertainment venue that opened in December 2016 in the heart of Beijing. 

The company creates entertainment solutions that utilise VR technology, movies, and games across a range of venues. 

The SoReal Virtual Reality Entertainment Center in Beijing is able to learn and gain insights from its users to gain insight into how audiences behave while interacting with the technology. 

Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disney restort first opened its doors in 2016. It was the first Disney theme park on mainland China and attracts around 11 million visitors each year. Although less famous in the west, Shanghai Disneyland is the second most popular amusement park in the world. 

The resort is part owned by Disney, although the majority of the shares belong to a group of three companies owned by the Shanghai government. 

President and General Manager of Shanghai Disney Resort, Joe Schott had this to say about the opening of the new VR SuperSpace: “We are delighted to see SoReal introduce their creative new experience leveraging their cutting-edge technology, and we believe this new addition will further elevate the overall entertainment experience for our guests visiting Disneytown. We are also pleased to create a strong relationship with SoReal, providing convenient solutions for guests to plan their visit to the resort.”

When Does SoReal’s VR SuperSpace Open?

Visitors to Shangai Disneyland will be able to visit the new VR SuperSpace from September the 10th and tickets have already gone on sale. Tickets can also be purchased along with general admission to Shanghai Disneyland. 

The exciting new VR arcade is located at Disneytown’s Lakeshire area. 

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