Standalone Sony Mixed Reality Headset Revealed

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show got underway in Las Vegas on the 9th of January, and one of the first big VR-related announcements was from Sony. The PSVR makers unveiled a new standalone MR headset aimed at creatives who want to build 3D content. 

The headset will run on Qualcomm’s XR2+ Gen 2 processor and will feature 1.3-inch 4K OLED microdisplays, a flip-up visor, passthrough video,  and some very original controllers. Although we are yet to learn the name of the new MR headset, Sony says it will launch later this year. 

Let’s take a look at this news in more detail and compare the new headset to Sony’s previous VR devices. 

How Will Sony’s Standalone MR Headset Differ From the PSVR 2?

Fundamentally, the biggest difference between the PSVR 2 and Sony’s new headset is you won’t need to plug it into a games console or computer to use it. The standalone device will be powered by a  Qualcomm XR2+ Gen 2 processor, which can power two displays of up to 18.5P (4,100 x 4,100). 

Although Sony has announced the new headset will be 4K, it’s unclear whether this means the device will make use of the full capabilities of its processor and have both displays at 18.5MP. If so, in terms of display, the headset will beat the PSVR 2’s panel resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye. 

The new headset will come with some interesting controllers. While VR controllers often match, these don’t. One is like a pointer which is used by the index finger, while the other is a ring which uses the thumb. 

Another major difference is that this new headset is designed with 3D creatives in mind, while the PSVR 2 focuses its attention on gaming. The new un-named headset could be an excellent tool for architects and designers. The new headset will come equipped with NX CAD software courtesy of Sony’s partnership with Siemens. 

While the PSVR 2 used the PlayStation 5, the new headset will likely use Android. At the moment, there is no information about what type of operating system Sony will use on top of Android and whether the headset will be compatible with OpenXR. 

Watch This Space..

Although this new headset is unlikely to compete with the major consumer-based XR devices on the market right now, it’s exciting to see Sony releasing a standalone device, especially one with such attractive specs. 

Sony has yet to confirm a price or release date for the new headset, but as new information emerges, we’ll share it.

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