The HTC Vive XR Elite: What We Know So Far

HTC has been teasing us all on social media recently with hints about its new headset, including the Tweet “go small, or go home”, which the Taiwanese tech firm shared in October. Now, after an official unveiling at this year’s CES, the wait is over. We know what to expect from HTC’s new VR headset. 

The HTC Vive Elite XR is certainly small. The compact standalone headset features a battery pack that can be easily switched out, even weight distribution, and adjustable diopters built-in. 

With some impressive specs and technical features, HTC’s new headset looks set to go head-to-head with the Meta Quest Pro, but at a more affordable price point. So, what do we know so far?

Here’s the low down on everything that’s been mentioned about the HTC Vive XR Elite, including when you can buy yours. 

The HTC Vive XR Elite Appearance, Features, and Specs

The low-profile HTC Vive XR Elite manages to pack a lot into a small package. By shifting the battery pack to the back of the headset, the device has improved weight distribution. 

Weighing 122 grams more than the Meta Quest Pro, the 625g Vive XR Elite adopts a similar appearance to the Vive Flow.

Users can expect two hours of play time on a charge, and fast charging will deliver half-a charge in as little as half an hour. 

In terms of what’s under the casing, the Snapdragon XR 2 provides sufficient power to deliver 4k content with a 90 Hz refresh rate. Alongside the processor, the Vive XR Elite has 12 GB of RAM and 120GB of ROM. Content and data can either be stored in the device’s memory, or transferred to a PC via USB-C. 

With 6Dof controllers, users get the benefit of finger and hand tracking with an in-built depth-sensing camera. 

The front of the headset is home to an RGB camera which is reportedly better than those found on Lenovo and Quest Pro devices. 

Comfort is as important as the specs, and the removable fabric gasket uses magnetic connections, making it easy to clean. Additionally, having adjustable diopters built-in to the headset means that users can take their glasses off. 

The compact arms of the Vive XR Elite are designed to sit comfortably more like a pair of glasses. Housed in the stems are speakers that offer enhanced clarity and bass. 

When not in use, the headset can be stored in a compact case.

HTC Vive XR Elite Content

Due for release at the same time as the headset, HTC claims that there will be more than 100 titles. These include Hubris, Les Mills Body Combat, Demeo, FigminXR, Yuki, Finger Gun, and Unplugged. Also set for release later in the year are Eggscape and Everslaught: Invasion. 

In addition, users can also access smartphone games designed for use with controllers by streaming the content directly from their Android device. 

Along with plenty of gaming options, users can also access enterprise tools via HTC’s Viveverse making the device useful for work and productivity too. 

When Is the HTC Vive XR Elite Released?

If you’ve placed a pre-order for your HTC Vive XR Elite, the good news is that you won’t need to wait long to get to grips with your new headset. Pre-orders are set to ship from February 25th.

Anyone in a rush to get hold of their Vive XR Elite can head to HTC’s website and pre-order theirs for £1,299; however, if you want to buy yours on general release, you’ll need to wait until the end of March. 

HTC Vive XR Elite Vs Meta Quest Pro

HTC’s new headset will go up against Meta’s prosumer device. But which is the better device? Early indications are that the answer to that question depends on what you’re looking for. 

The HTC headset apparently already has a strong selection of games, making it the perfect device for entertainment purposes; however, Meta’s pro-device seems focused toward work-based use. 

Watch this space for more news and insights into how the device fares. 

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